Tiled Extensions Dorset

If you are looking to extend your home with one of our extensions, you can have it as big as you like to suit your needs for the extension. When you purchase an extension from us you get the choice of choosing the brick that is used on the extension from our own range. You also get to choose the tile colour that will be used on your extension. The tiled roof on your extension will give you a bunch of benefits you will help you be able to use the extension all year round. Firstly the insulation in the roof will give your extension great energy efficiency and will help with saving you money on your heating bill as the roof will be able to keep a lot of the warm air inside the extension and therefore you won’t need to heating on for as long to get it to your ideal temperature. The soundings inside the extension will also be improved with the tiled roof compared to glass and polycarbonate roofs, the difference is there will be less echo and when it rains hard you won’t be able to hear it as much as if you had a glass or polycarbonate roof. You can also get a flat roof with your extension and this has very similar benefits to the tiled roof in terms of energy efficiency. With the tiled roof and flat roof you can get skylights and sky lanterns installed to bring in some natural light that will be blocked out by the solid roof.

We can also provide you with conservatories with tiled roofs that will also give you the energy benefits. Our conservatories come in a range of sizes and we have many different types to suit all of your needs.

Tiled Extensions Dorset

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