Tiled Extensions Gloucestershire

Our extensions are brilliant we can supply you with any kind of extension that you need and any size you want it as well. When choosing what brick to have on your extension you will have a great choice from our own range of brick types, a lot of people like to have the same type of brick as their home or a very similar one if we don’t have an exact match for your home. People also like to have the same colour tiles as their home on the extension as well, it makes the extension look like it is supposed to be there and it will look a lot smarter if it is all the same and not different colours. The tiled roof also has some great benefits when it comes to energy efficiency. The insulation in the roof will help keep the extension warm during the harsh winter months. It will also mean that you won’t need to have the heating on for as long as you would with other roof types so it will help you save a bit of money on your bills. The sounds inside the extensions won’t echo as much as other roof types would and when it rains it won’t cause the noise to be really loud inside the extension.

You can also get a flat roof with our extensions instead of the tiled roof if you would prefer that. The flat roof will have similar energy efficiency to the tiled roof and will also provide you with good acoustics inside the extension. With the tiled and flat roofs you can get skylights and sky lanterns installed into the roof, this is because the roofs will normally block the sunlight so the extension could be fairly dark during the day but with the skylights and lanterns it will bring in the light and mean you won’t need to have the lights on in the extension during the day.

Tiled Extensions Gloucestershire

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