Tiled & Flat Roof Conservatories & Extensions

There is a difference between conservatories and extensions the most noticeable difference is that an extension has a brick base and brick wall as well, and a conservatory is mainly glass with plastic frames. With an extension, it will feel like more of a permanent building because of the solid walls and extensions look really nice with the lanterns and skylights added to the roof. The conservatory will let in loads of natural light and there will be no need for any lights to be on when the sun is out. You will also find that the conservatory could let more light in also with the addition of skylights and lanterns.

We have many different styles that you can choose from us so you can have the ultimate choice of what shape you can have. Big, Small or an average-sized conservatory it is your choice. You will find benefits from each style but the main benefit is the roof, the tiled and flat roofs are amazing for keeping the conservatory warm during the winter and cooler during the winter.

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