Tiled & Flat Roof Conservatory

If you are thinking of getting a tiled or flat roof conservatory then you might want to know some of the benefits you will get over the other types of roofs. The first major difference between these two roofs to the others is the insulation which helps with a few things, first, the temperature inside the conservatory will be a nice temperature all year round not too warm and not too cold, it also helps with the acoustics and sounds inside the conservatory so you don’t get echo. The roof is also much stronger than polycarbonate and glass, therefore in extreme weather, the roof is more likely to withstand the strong winds and poetically branches off of trees that may be near your house.

One of the disadvantages that you will notice is the amount of natural light that gets blocked out by the roof, but you can counteract this with the addition of skylights or lanterns that will bring in more than enough natural sunlight.

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