Tiled & Flat Roof Extension Devon

When you come with Trade Price we can supply you with a great extension that will fit all of your needs. When you enquire to us you are able to pick a lot of the features that go onto the extensions like the roof and the brickwork used to construct it. A lot of people like to match their house when they build an extension so using the same brickwork as that has been used to build their house with and if you get a tiled roof with it you can also match the tiles to the ones on your home. You can also get skylights and lanterns in the roof of the extension to bring in some natural light if you get a roof type that will block out the natural light.

If you don’t think you would like an extension on the back of your house, because you don’t think you have enough space or you don’t need that much more room on the back of your home. You can go for one of our conservatories, we have a huge range that you can choose from and they all come in a variety of sizes. You can choose a size that will suit your home and fit perfectly for your liking. With our conservatories, they have a few roofs you can put on top of them. There are glass, polycarbonate and tiled. We recommend the tiled roof as it will benefit you more than any other roof type that is available. The tiled roof has really good insulation and will help keep the conservatory warm during the cold winter months and you won’t have to spend as much on heating as you would with another roof type. During the summer months, you will find that the insulation helps stop the conservatory from overheating as it will block out a lot of the direct sunlight. With our tiled roofs you can get skylights installed to bring in natural light from where the tiled roof blocks it out.

Tiled & Flat Roof Extension Devon

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