Tiled & Flat Roof Extensions Somerset

Here at Trade Price, we can supply you with some brilliant extensions. Our tiled and flat roof extensions come with a few benefits that will make your experience with your extension so much better. Firstly the tiled and flat roof has good insulation and will be able to keep a lot of the warm air inside the extension during the wintertime and when it comes to the hotter summer months the insulation helps keep the extension cool as it will block out the direct sunlight and will prevent it from overheating. If you still want to have some natural light coming into the extension then you can still have skylights or sky lanterns installed into the roof of your extension and this will bring in a nice amount of light without allowing the extension to get too hot during the warmest part of the day.

With our extension you can have it any size you wish, you will be able to customise it so the extension so it can blend in with your home. This way your extension will look like it has always been apart of the house. We also understand that some people might not have the most amount of room to put an extension on the back on their house. That is why we have a great range of conservatories you can choose from that are all kinds of sizes so no matter how much room you have to work with you will be able to put a conservatory on the back of your home. You can still get a tiled roof with our conservatories as well which come with similar benefits to the extension tiled roof and you can also get skylights with the tiled roof to bring in the natural light if you go for the tiled roof.

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