Tiled & Flat Roofs

These two roof types are the two best roofs you can get with extensions and conservatories. They have good insulation which brings a good energy rating and less echo inside compared to glass roofs. You can also install lanterns and skylights to bring in more natural light. This is very helpful to stop you from using more electricity inside and have more natural light inside.

You can have the conservatory or extension exactly what you want it to look like and you can decide the size it will be so your plans of having that dining area or a bigger kitchen doesn’t get ruined by not being able to have it big enough to fit everything inside it, but with us that won’t be a problem.

There will also be little echo inside the conservatory because of the roof’s insulation it softens the sound.

When you build a conservatory or extension you will need to know exactly what your property boundaries are and you will have to find out the regulations for your local council to see if you need to apply for anything to get building permits and how close you can build to the edge of your property boundaries.

We can help you with all of this so you don’t need to worry. We have many different conservatories and extension that you can purchase from us visit our self-build conservatory page to look for yourself.

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