Tiled Roof Conservatories In Devon

At Trade Price Conservatories we have a huge range of conservatories that you can get from us. We have lean-to’s, Edwardian’s, Victorian’s, Gable Ends and many more. With us, you can choose many of the features that are on the conservatory, the base of the conservatory is one, you can have a dwarf wall, full-height glass or full-height raised panels on your conservatory when you purchase one with us. You can also choose what roof goes onto it as well. You have the choice of glass, polycarbonate or a tiled roof. We recommend the tiled roof on any conservatory you get and here’s why the roof has insulation inside of it which means it is very good at keeping the warm air from your radiators inside of it, The roof will also make it a nice pleasant place to be in the summer as the roof will help to keep the conservatory as cool as possible, it is also very strong and doesn’t require a lot of maintenance to stay looking good, an optional installation of skylights if natural light is wanted inside of the conservatory.

Another great benefit of our conservatories is that they all come in a large range of sizes so you can choose the perfect size for your home and the room you have available. You can also choose a lot of the colours that will feature on the conservatory as well so you can style it exactly how you want it. With these conservatories you can build them yourself as they are made using our innovative pod system, we send you detailed guides and instructions on how to do it with no problems. A lot of our customers enjoyed the challenge and successfully built it themselves.

Tiled Roof Conservatories In Devon

We also have extensions that you can purchase from us and these also come with tiled roofs and has an option to have a flat roof if you want one. You can have a look at the extensions we can do for you on your home, click here.


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