Tiled Roof Conservatories In Dorset

We have a great range of conservatories that you can purchase from us and these can have tiled roofs put onto them. You might ask why would I want a tiled roof on my conservatory, the answer is very simple. The tiled roof will allow you to have a much better experience with your conservatory as you will be able to use it more days of the year compared to any other roof type and you will also have many benefits that glass and polycarbonate roofs can’t provide you with. The first benefit that the roof gives you is the energy efficiency that it provides you with and this is the reason why you will be able to use it more than a normal conservatory because it will be much better at keeping the heat inside of the conservatory so you can use it at some of the coldest points of the year. The roof will also provide you with great acoustics so you can have music, people or even a tv in the conservatory without it being too annoying or loud.

The tiled roof also can have skylights installed into it to bring in more natural light as it will block it out because the roof isn’t seethrough. On our conservatories just like the roof, you can choose what base you want on it. You have the choice between a dwarf wall, full-height glass or full-height raised panels. With the dwarf wall, you can choose the brick that is used on it from our own range.

Tiled Roof Conservatories In Dorset

We also have extensions you can purchase from us and you can see the range we can add to your home to give you more living space. Click Here! With our extensions, we can put a flat roof on it and this has some great benefits.


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