Traditional Conservatories & Extensions Bournemouth

Our conservatories and extensions can be personal to you and your home, this means you get to choose a lot of what the conservatory or extension will look like. For example, if you get an extension you can choose what type of brick is used on the structure and other things like the type of roof. With our conservatories, you get the choice of a glass roof, polycarbonate roof or a tiled roof. The tiled roof is one that we highly recommend that you get with your conservatory as it’s insulation in the roof will help keep the conservatory warm during the winter months and will also help keep it cool during the summer as it will reflect the heat from the sun. One disadvantage of having a tiled roof is that you won’t get as much natural light inside the conservatory any more but you can counteract this by installing skylights into the roof that will allow natural light to come into the conservatory.

With the extensions, you are also able to get our tiled roofs with them and you are also able to get a flat roof on top of your extension Both of these will have great energy efficiency and also have the option for skylights and lanterns in these roofs. The flat roof looks more modern on these extensions and is known for being very strong. With the tiled roof on top of the extension, it can make the extension look like it was built at the same time as the rest of the house, this is as long as you can match all the brick with our range of bricks we do with our extensions and the colour of the roof tiles as well.

Traditional Conservatories & Extensions Bournemouth

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