Traditional Conservatories Hampshire

At Trade Price Conservatories we have a huge range of conservatories from Lean-to low pitch to Edwardian P shape. All of these are available with the traditionally styled roofs. When you come with us you also get a choice out of a range of sizes the conservatory can come in so no matter what size you want or need the conservatory to be you will be able to choose the best size for you. You also get the choice of the type of roof that goes onto the conservatory, these are glass or polycarbonate if you want to keep the conservatory traditional. There is a tiled roof that we can put onto the conservatory for you, and it comes with a bunch of benefits that you will be able to take full advantage of. The tiled roof allows you to be able to use the conservatory for longer in the year. With Glass and Polycarbonate roofs don’t have very good insulation, therefore, it struggles to keep the warm air inside the conservatory during the winter and the conservatory normally becomes hot during the summer months. But with the tiled roof, your conservatory will be cosy during the winter as the insulation will keep the warm air in the conservatory and during the summer months it will block all of the direct sunlight so the conservatory doesn’t overheat.

We also can supply you with some great extensions which can give you more room than our conservatories if you want to have it that big. You get a choice of all our roofs including a flat roof which can help make the extension look modern and smart. you will be able to choose other things like the tiled colour and brickwork going around the extension. This way you can make the extension blend in with your home to make it all look like one!

Traditional Conservatories Hampshire

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