Traditional Conservatories Poole

If you are looking to purchase a traditional conservatory in Poole, you have come to the right place. We have a great range of conservatories and no matter what your requirements are we will have a conservatory that fulfils them. We have lean-to, Edwardian, Victorian, Gable end and many more types of conservatories! We have 3 different types of roofs that we can supply you with when you purchase a conservatory from us these are glass, polycarbonate and tiled. Our tiled roofs are great they will bring you a lot of added benefits to the conservatory. Because of the insulation in the roof, it will help keep the conservatory warm during the winter months when you have the heating on. During the summer the insulation will also help the conservatory stay cool and not overheat, this is because the hot air will be coming from the outside and the insulation is designed to not let that penetrate the roof. If you are worried about the tiled roof blocking out the natural sunlight from coming into the conservatory you can get skylights installed into the roof to help increase the light inside the conservatory. Some of these skylights come with vents so you can open them and bring some fresh air in whenever you want to.

We also have extensions you can purchase from us as well. These extensions come with a tiled roof and flat roof as well to and are also can come with skylights and lanterns if you want to have them. These extensions can be as big as you need them to be.

Traditional Conservatories Poole

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