Traditional Tiled Conservatories Hampshire

At Trade Price Conservatories we have some of the best conservatories on the market. This is because of the customisation that we allow you to have on our conservatories. For example, if you are getting a dwarf wall on your conservatory you will be able to choose the brick that is used from our range of bricks. With each conservatory there is a range of sizes it can come in and you are able to choose which size you want. You are also able to choose the colour of the tiles that will go on the tiled roof of the conservatory. The tiled roofs have some great benefits when you get one you will be able to use the conservatory all year round, this is because of the insulation inside the roof will keep the conservatory at a nice warm level so you can relax inside the conservatory even when it is at it’s coldest temperatures outside. The insulation will also benefit you in the summertime as well, this is because the insulation will help reflect a lot of the heat trying to get into the conservatory and will make it a nice cool place to be during some of the hottest days of the year. The tiled roof will be able to help you be able to make more use of your conservatory and will help you save some money on your energy bill as you won’t need to have the heating on for as long with this roof during the winter. Another benefit of these tiled roofs is the acoustics inside the conservatory, you will have little to no echo inside the conservatory as the roof will help reduce this and also when it is raining you won’t be able to hear the rain hitting the roof as you get with other types of roofs like glass and polycarbonate.

With us, you can also get extensions that can give you a lot more room inside your home. You also get the same choices as you do with our conservatories and you can also have skylights and sky lanterns installed into the roof to bring in more natural light as the tiled roof will be blocking out a lot of it. You can also get a very modern-looking flat roof with our extensions that will help make your extension stand out above the rest.

Traditional Tiled Conservatories Hampshire

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